Welcome to My Site!  

Hey There! I'm Diane and I'm delighted you have stopped by! My goal is to inform, inspire & make you smile. You'll find everything from crafts to stories and stuff just for fun. 

Please check out my blog for skills and ways to improve your life. You'll enjoy, "Creating a Life of Comfort and Bliss," where I will share recipes, home decor ideas, crafts and ways to relax.

For a stress reduction option check out, "Discovering Flower Remedies." While I am not a doctor, I am a student of homeopathy and will share with you my personal success using these little bottles of liquid extracted from plants and flowers that are designed to manage emotions. You'll also find my preferred reading list of books I have read and highly recommend. And you can follow me on: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin if you enjoy, "Social Media."

Thanks for stopping by! I am jazzed that you did and hope you'll go on a little leisure break by exploring my site!

Be Blessed!



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