A Little About Me...

I love my kids! I have a handsome son Garrett, 29, and my daughter Amanda is 25. I have an amazing grandson, Keaton, who is 5 and he has a little brother that is 2 named Liam. I adore being Nana! I am a fanatic about: BOOKS, MOVIES, MUSIC, and ANIMALS! I love playing word games like Scrabble & Crosswords. I am an artist and I also enjoy cultivating Bonsai trees!

I travel a great deal as a speaker and seminar leader. I have been fortunate to travel to England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, the Carribean, Canada and Australia. Meeting interesting people is a highlight of life. I am also a writer and I am working on a book called "52 Life Lesson for Savvy Women."

I feel passionate about how God can make a difference in your life. I like interesting people with creative intellects. I like to network with women who need encouragement to achieve their dreams. I believe we  can help each other achieve success and make a difference by connecting friends to friends.


My Daughter, Amanda  

My Son, Garrett  

On my birthday doing seminars in Hobart, Australia.

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