My Sweet Grandboys 

Garrett's sons are Keaton (Left) who is 5 and Liam who is 2

 My son, Garrett & daughter, Amanda

At the Hilton in Gainesville, Fl, getting ready to speak. 

Disney World with Keaton May 2012 

Nana & Her Keaton 

Amanda's, new little baby. A sweet little Persian that Bob got her for Christmas! Her name is Lula! Isn't she precious? (Both of them  :D ) 

Baby Liam with Papa at the Horse Farm. 

A Boy and His Bike! 

Robbie Fishing in Alaska! 

Liam's 2nd Birthday! 

Keaton and the Water Hose...Endless Fun!

My Home Office 

Liam is Growing Up!   

Keaton's First Fish with Papa

Liam Tanner Has Arrived!

Little Liam Tanner born to Stephanie and my son, Garrett on Sept 10th.

Mama makes sure Liam's big brother, Keaton gets lotsa love. Its all about, "My Three Sons," around the house now. Jacob (8), Keaton (2) and Liam (5 Weeks) Boy Power! I love my grandsons! Very blessed!

My 46th Birthday Party on October 5th

What a stellar birthday party! Good food, great friends and southern elegance at The Farley Plantation!

Photos of My Precious Family

My good-looking husband Robbie. We have been married 23 years! I love this sweet pic of him and Keaton when Keaton was just a few months old!

Amanda Marie when she was in Donald Trump's Miss Georgia USA. It was her first pageant. She won the, "People's Choice Award!" It was tremendously exciting! I absolutely love this hairstyle on her! Pretty girl!

We took Keaton to Florida when he was only one year old. He was a terrific traveler! It was his first trip on an airplane.

Baby Keaton with a little puppy.

On the left is Garrett and his fiance' Stephanie. On the right is Amanda and her fiance' Bob. We are so fortunate to have amazing people coming into our family. They are both awesome! 

Me and Robbie...Happy Times!

Amanda on her 21st Birthday. I love this pic!

Jacob, Keaton's Big Brother and "patriotic," Keaton! 

Baby Keaton at Steak and Shake 

One of my Business pics and Keaton playing outside.

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