Wonderful Gift Ideas 

Sometimes the most challenging part of giving a gift is not so much the money, but being able to think of an idea. I have some great tips, choices, and wrapping ideas to share with you! Keep stopping by and I will keep posting new ideas!


Birch Love Vase with your Initials! 
How very cool is that? Get details at Martha Stewart's website. Here's the link:http://tinyurl.com/adrsl8w

Heart Shaped Truffles, $16 What a gorgeous gift for your true love! http://tinyurl.com/apzm53o

Deck of Cards with 52 Things... Make your sweetheart a one-of-a-kind gift with this craft project. http://transcraftinental.blogspot.com/2008/02/valentine-gift-idea-little-book.html

You will find amazing Valentine Selections at Sensational Baskets! Check out the, "His," and "Hers," Lovely Gift Baskets! Call: (800) 396-2260. Spoil your Mate. Check. 

Betsey Johnson "Iconic Love Bird" Heart Pendant Necklace, $38 http://tinyurl.com/abr3ted

Marc Jacobs DOT Gift Set (Sephora $76) 

Elegant Interlude Garter Slip $37.89 http://tinyurl.com/apd7hcn

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, $27 (Sephora) 

Super Nutty Gift Box for Your Sweetheart, $16


Printable Toppers for Baked Goods

By Kate Hadfield Designs http://tinyurl.com/ancq6gx 

Crochet Santa Scarf Pattern $4 


Winter Evening Gloves at Chicos


Festive Muffin Carrier

Simply wrap a foil box in gift wrap and Voila! 

Look Gorgeous or Treat a Friend... 

Black Studded Shirt $39 http://tinyurl.com/ahaaf4r

Winter Sky Sweater $79




Very Cool Beach Balls $19.99                        http://tiny.cc/9c48fw  

Pottery Barn Solano Pitcher $24 http://tiny.cc/59f9fw

Star Spangled Brownie Pops $44 http://tiny.cc/6yd9fw

Songbird Perpetual Calendar $65 http://tiny.cc/fd28fw  

Victoria’s Secret Sequin Tank $29 http://tiny.cc/4pe9fw

Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Disney Edition $16 http://tiny.cc/qxc9fw

Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art Frosted Cupcake $10 http://tiny.cc/b5b9fw

 Engraved Kaleidoscope $44 http://tiny.cc/t3d9fw

Rolling Stone Book of 1000 Covers $25 http://tiny.cc/vdc9fw

Nesting Fish Plates $22 http://tiny.cc/v2e9f


15 Things to Do for Your Spirit Artwork, $24.95 (8” X 12”) I adore this artist! Her name is Kelly Rae Roberts!


Dream, Achieve, Believe Bracelet, $15.00

http://online.findgift.  com/gift-ideas/pid-99427/ 

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl.  $19.99   //www.formengifts.com/tag/0-to-49-99/

Foldable Sandals w/Pouch $20 //online.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-289538/ 


Ask for a clean cup and lid. Stuff with brown and white tissue. Slide Starbucks gift card inside = smart gift idea.

Motivational Quote Dispenser, $9.95



Tap Into Your Summer Sass in This Beautiful Dress! $39            www.venus.com

Hula Skirt Beach Towel 

Too Cute! $5.95 at www.findgift.com

Summer Picnic Basket

$75 www.squidoo.com

Great Gift for a client or for friends of the family!

Great Housewarming Gifts

Personalized with your family name this major fun mat is a great summer welcome ($21.95) to summertime guests! This colorful flag (12.95), also personalized, makes a great housewarming gift! Both available at www.giftsforyounow.com

T-SHIRT - $26 www.cafepress.com

APRON - $15 www.cafepress.com

Floral Chiffon Scarf

Available in 10 great Colors!

$19 Visit this link on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004SQ569M/ref=asc_df_B004SQ569M1535527?smid=A2APTY87CKROPV&tag=pgmp-341-95-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395129&creativeASIN=B004SQ569M 

Magazine Cover Mirror!  

$26.99 www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-291450/

$36.99 www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-297444/



Cookie Holder

Great Idea: Wrap Pringles cans with gift wrap to hold cookies and holiday treats for friends. Secure lid with clear packing tape  and add a label to mail.

Stocking Stuffer

A roll of quarters comes in handy for students or anyone! Wrap with gift wrap & twist clear cellophane with a mini tag! Useful and fun!

Hitch Your Wagon to a Star Snow Globe

$29 http://gifts.redenvelope.com/gifts/hitch-your-wagon-to-a-star-snow-globe-30011563?viewpos=12&trackingpgroup=rcfav

Snowman Jammies for Your Little One

$29 http://gifts.redenvelope.com/gifts/snowman-long-johns-30009800?viewpos=3&trackingpgroup=rcfav

Amazing Nativity Set with Verses

$127 http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/179-4942181-4558368?asin=B002TPG5US&AFID=shopzilla_df&LNM=|B002TPG5US&CPNG=home%20decor&ci_src=10043468&ci_sku=B002TPG5US&ref=tgt_adv_XSB10001

Hand Blown Glass Christmas Pen

$6 http://www.beau-coup.com/holiday-blown-glass-gift-pens.htm

Engraved Pocket Watch

$34 http://www.beau-coup.com/engraved-silver-plated-pocket-watch.htm

For Santa's Little Helpers - Personalized Apron

$19 http://www.personalizationmall.com/Personalized-Kids-Santa-Christmas-Aprons-i29578.item?productid=9045&storeid=9&categoryid=1097&did=14004&utm_source=pricegrabber&utm_medium=cpc


Family Cookie Jar 

$31 http://www.personalizationmall.com/Family-Characters-Personalized-Ceramic-Cookie-Jar-p8509.prod?sdest=store&sdestid=15&storeid=15

Wooden Recipe Box $20 //www.personalizationmall.com/Engraved-Wooden-Recipe-Box-Family-Favorites-p7989.prod?sdest=dept&sdestid=1231&storeid=15&categoryid=1231


Wrap Yourself in Harvest Colors!

Beautiful Autumn Shawl $39 Find it at: http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-209841/

Personalized Door Mat $19.45


Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillow Cases

His and Hers pillowcases. Awesome Gift Idea. $24.99


Make Your Own: Autumn Gratitude Basket

Great for bringing to Thanksgiving gatherings or for a special client! Find a wooden box, metal tub or another container, stuff with tissue or shred filling and tuck inside inexpensive goodies!

Autumn Nut Medley ($24.99) and Gorgeous Harvest Flowers ($39) Both atL http://www.findgift.com/Categories/Special-Themes/Fall/?p=4



Personalized Baby's Sun Hat - $14.95 http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-253039/

Hot Air Balloon Ride - $200      http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-145784/

Reasons I Love You Stones - $24.95  http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-191108/

Flower Blossom Sprinkler - $19.95   http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-251673/

Flip Flop Chip Platter - $23.95 http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-194118/


Cake Floral Arrangement

What a surprise this arrangement is. So very whimsical. You'll find it with other designs at www.telaflora.com for $59. 

Fiber Optic Starry Sky Umbrella

Very unique gift for $37.95 at http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-170162/ 

Charicature of Mom from Photo 

These custom pieces of art that start at $99. Chip in with your siblings to make it affordable. An unexpected, fun gift! Find ordering options at: http://www.giveacaricature.com/?utm_source=findgift&utm_medium=ppc&utm_term=MerchSpotGACMothersDay 

Grandma's Favorite Kisses 

Cute, Cute, Cute! Personalize this adorable shirt with grandkids names. It is $19.99 at: http://search1.personalcreations.com/index/_/N-/Ntt-granda%20Kisses%20shirt/D-granda%20Kisses%20shirt 

 Baby Clothes Quilt Kit

What a sweet idea. Create a family heirloom. This kit is $27 at http://www.findgift.com/gift-ideas/pid-220235/ 

From Your Mama's Oven 

Imagine how much your mom would love this personalized baking pan. Very cool gift for $44.95 at: http://search1.personalcreations.com/index/_/N-/Ntt-covered%20baking%20dish/D-covered%20baking%20dish


Holiday Gifts for All the Favorite People in Your Life!

Album Covers Coffee Table Book

For the Music Lover: Album Covers Coffee Table Book ($14.95) http://search.barnesandnoble.com

Rosalie's Necklace

Twilight fans will love the beautiful replica of Rosalie Hale's necklace from the movie! 

($24.95) at www.Amazon.com  

Customized Photo Tie It is price at ($22.95) at http://www.personalizationmall.com  

Unique Scroll Pen Above is a very cool Scroll Pen...Ink pen with the Paper inside for the guy that may scramble for something to write on! The very cool part of this pen is that you don't have to tear off the paper in order to write on it, but you can simply pull the barrel (bottom) away from the top and you then have a pen to write with and you can scroll back the paper into the cap to maintain a journal. Find this pen (Item#14955) for you or your man for $10 at this link : http://www.uncommongoods.com/item/item.jsp?itemId=14955&utm_medium=shopping+sites&ut_source=gifts

Personal Movie Log is also $10 at www.uncommongoods.com and is a terrific stocking stuffer! Movies to Check Out: With this do-it-yourself movie guide, you can keep an ongoing list of the movies you want to see, review the ones you have seen, keep a list of your all-time favorite movies, actors, directors, quotes and scenes, and store your old movie stubs in the back pocket. Roll 'em! Item #18303

Steel Key Holder is a GREAT Family gift. Customized with your family name for $24.95 at www.personalcreations.com.

This is Item# 2940 and must be ordered by 12/14/09 to receive by Christmas. Hurry! Elves are waiting to make yours!

Passport to Culture Game

Passport to Culture is the unique, exciting board game where players circle the globe, uncovering the mysteries of our amazing world. Test your knowledge of world with fascinating, fun-filled questions about people and places, food and drink, world treasures, greeting and gestures, or customs and traditions. Order it for $27.95 (Item: HHG001) at www.fatbraintoys.com. It is also one of the 2009 Fat Brain Toy award winners!

Wooden Bear Family Dress Up Puzzle

This wooden set contains 45 mix-and-match pieces to assemble Mama, Papa and Baby Bear. It's fun to change their expressions and their clothing to express their every mood. The wooden box has compartments for easy storage and the box lid conveniently serves as a puzzle board. Great for story telling fun! This toy is $13.95 at www.fatbraintoys.com Item: MD829

Unique Gifts from www.uncommongoods.com

Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors


The pic on the right shows what the oil candle shadow looks like when burning. The price is $48. Very Cool!

The fish have jumped right out of the bowl onto this whimsical Goldfish Umbrella. It makes playing in the rain fun! Find it at www.umbrellastand.com for $28

 For the Birds!

Robin's Eggs Soap in an Apothecary Jar. Lovely. This is $24 at this link: 


Birds will perch on the side of this Apple Bird Feeder and enjoy a sweet treat. Feeder is $25.


Stepping Out in Style

Recycled T-Shirt Boa. Very unique fluffy scarf is $28


Serving up a slice of cheesecake can't be more fun than with this stylish stiletto. Very cute gift for $15.


For the Mind...And Nose!

Table Topics Box. Terrific fun after dinner. It holds 135 conversation starters.Boxed set is $25. http://www.uncommongoods.com/item/item.jsp?source=family&itemId=18465  

You'll also love, "Smencils!" A set of 10 scented pencils for $14. Fun! 


 For the Baby

To make the traditional, "Diaper Cake," the key is to find a whimsical wide ribbon to make it adorable. Either match the color scheme if you are giving the shower or find festive baby ribbon. Secure the diapers with a large rubber band. TIP: Sit them down in a cake pan to steady while you apply ribbon! Place the ribbon around the diapers and tape with a piece of clear packing tape. Stores that sell ribbon will make a lovely full bow for the top if you aren't sure how. You can do a "one layer," diaper cake or make it two or three tiered.

The lovely baby basket above right has a cute spin! Using a rectangular woven basket you fill it to look like the teddy bear is in bed! Place a small pillow in the back, tissue paper in the bottom (quite a bit to raise the items in the basket.) TIP: Sprinkle some baby powder on tissue so the basket smells wonderful! Place a small little teddy bear against pillow. Fold a baby blanket in a triangle and lay across teddy bear's lap. Place a couple of baby items on either side of the teddy. No need to wrap with cellophane. It would take away from how cute the finish gift looks.

Simple Thank You Gifts

One important thing to remember is this: Presentation is EVERYTHING! TIP: Take the gift out of the cheap wrapper or packaging and place it in a lovely box on a bed of sparkly stuffing. It increases the perceived value of the gift. Wrap cellophane around a candle or small cookie container and tie with a beautiful ribbon. TIP: Purchase rolls of clear cellophane right after Easter when it is marked down 75% off! You'll use it for gifts all year. TIP: Purchase marked down foil candy after Christmas; it will not expire before Valentines Day which is a great time to use red foil candies. Or green Christmas foil candy for St. Patrick's Day. Chocolate has preservatives that make it last a long time if kept in a cool place.

Gift Basket Ideas 

Some folks don't feel they are creative enough to create a gift basket. It really is just coming up with a theme and tucking in the items in a visually pleasing manner. For an Italian basket gather: A box of pasta, tongs, a jar of sauce, a jar of olives, even a plastic wrapped loaf of french bread. TIP: Watch yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores to purchase inexpensive, high quality baskets. I rarely buy them new unless my own supply is low or I have a unique need. The gift in photo upper right are bath items on an inexpensive silver tray which is a lovely idea. TIP: For inexpensive filler items always go to the Dollar Store first. A mixing spoon is just a mixing spoon so save cash on these type items by purchasing them there.

Again: Call me or email if you'd prefer I whip one up and bring it by to you!

 More Gift Ideas

Let's Get Cookin'...Cookbook with a ribbon tied around it and wooden spoons. Creative Girls: Custom design personalized recipe cards on the computer, copy on card stock and cut apart.

Movie Nite... Purchase a $5 DVD (Walmart always has a bin of them) into a basket with a box of microwave popcorn and a box of Goobers.

For a Guy ...Purchase the devotional,"God's Daily Bread," and tape a plastic wrapped mini banana nut bread to the top (home-baked or purchased) and tie with a dark colored ribbon.

Crafts in a Bucket ...Place scissors, crayons, stickers and glue sticks into a sand pail. All are available at the Dollar store and a great present for a kiddo.


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